Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oyster Dome in the Rain 05-26-13

Memorial Day weekend seemed like a perfect time to hike up the Chuckanut's Oyster Dome.

Unfortunately, the weather man took the day off and Mother Nature decided the Pacific Northwet was in dire need of watering.

If I were a fortune reader I would have gone the day before when the weather was perfectly decent.  The weatherman promised more of the same on Sunday, but as mentioned above, he. was. wrong.

Luckily for me, my rain gear came along and was put to good use.

This wet hike started at the Samish Overlook since my primary objective was to haul some gear up to Oyster Dome to fulfill a promise made to the kind people at Grape-Nuts:  they wanted me to personally pass out 26 boxes of their new Grape-Nuts Fit Cereal.  Let me tell you, honestly, it is awesome!  Buy a box and try it... it's fantastic (unless you have Celiac disease or are allergic to nuts, or possibly also grapes).

Since my Grape-Nuts supplied backpack was full of Grape-Nuts supplies, I put my new RIBZ Front-Pack to good use for hauling all my regular gear, comfortably, all the way to the top of Oyster Dome.  Woot Woot!

Please note that a Discover Pass is required for parking at the Samish Overlook.

Also, please note that the Bat Caves area is still marked as closed.

Please be extremely careful at the top as the granite is indeed very slippery when wet.  Even with (or possibly especially with) Vibram soles.

Finally, please note that there is mud on this trail.  Even when it hasn't been raining.

While hanging out on Oyster Dome I met a lot of great people.  Many were receptive to sampling the Grape-Nuts.  I met a nice group of Canadians out on a 'Meetup' excursion, a couple gals with a dog who loved the squirrels and many other friendly hikers who came to share the cloud bank with me.

Now, photos and the map.

Happy Hiking!


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