Friday, August 3, 2012

What to do...

With the exception of pondering what trouble two dogs might get into if I leave them for a long day, I'm undecided how to spend my Saturday.

Last I heard the weather is supposed to be **Perfect**.  Nice and warm (possibly hot) with blue sky... without rain forecasted immediately before or immediately after.

Maybe it will actually happen.

That forecast makes it sound like the best conditions for my kayak on Diablo Lake up the gorge to Ross Dam (early in the morning before the wind and temperatures pick up).  I'm excited about that idea.

Then I heard someone asking about Lake Ann.  I am not going to Lake Ann, and am not considering going to Lake Ann.  The reason this is important is because someone else recommended that person go to Skyline Divide instead.  Reportedly, it's melted out to the ridge.

Why would I care about that?

Well, it was on my to-do list for a while... then I did it.  It was nice, but it was also cloudy so I couldn't enjoy the views that makes it such a wonderful place.  That was almost exactly six years and 162 trails ago.

Clearly, this opportunity doesn't come along very often.  SIX years.  162 decisions to NOT go to this trail.  I've only owned a kayak for less than three months... surely there will be other perfect weather+nonhiking days just around the corner, yes?

Anyone out there with suggestions/opinions?

Anyone interested in tagging along (hiking or kayaking)?  BYOB (bring your own boots/boat).

Guess I'll check the weather conditions tomorrow and decide then.

Happy Hiking!


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