Monday, July 2, 2012

Paddle Heaven

Found some blue sky out at Lake Samish this afternoon and was able to take advantage of it with the kayak.

Being a total newbie to the world of kayaking, Lake Samish was a perfect spot for the day. A loop of the western cove (between the bridge, Whatcom County's Lake Samish Park and Lutherwood) provided a nice mix of scenery with spurts of windy gusts and waves from powerboats and jet skis.

Took a couple of photos, but seriously, is that kid smoking? Unbelievable.

Found a number of rope swings on the north side of the cove, not sure if they are private property or if they were just placed on timberland and yet to be discovered/removed.

The kayak remains waterproof. The spray skirt and waterproof bags have been very handy too.

Not having much experience in any other types of kayaks, it's hard to know just how well (or not well) this kayak performs. Hopefully a trip to 'the island' in July will give me a chance to compare my vessel with my dad's Pungo (which is about 3 feet longer).

While researching local places to kayak I stumbled upon a website called Paddle Heaven. It's seems to have a plethora of useful kayak related information.

Anyone interested in local kayaking, I highly recomment that you visit the Paddle Heaven website AND get in touch with me... I'm seeking kayak buddies -- inexperienced or experienced... either (or both) would be greatly appreciated.

Have no fear, fellow hikers, the boots remain ready for some awesome summer adventures on the trail. Praying for conditions suitable to enjoy views from Cascade Pass (or higher) in two weeks!

Happy Hiking (or Paddling)!


PS: Still owe you a trip report for Sourdough Mtn and Goat Lake. Hopefully both will be posted this week sometime.

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