Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check your Calendar... Hiking this Saturday

This Saturday is scheduled to be a hike day.**

The weatherman wants me to believe the weather won't be anything like the perfect weather we just had last weekend, but you know I'll be happy just to stay dry.

Destination is very much open to suggestions or proposals. Close to home (and rather uneventful) destinations on my radar remain to be North Mountain, Sumas Mtn (search for shafts #2 and #3), the Index Town Wall hike, Wells Creek Road or a late season visit to Artist Point and Panorama Dome. Or anything totally different.

Two important things to be aware of:
1) My wife was confused last weekend. She thought it was labor day weekend and thus we spent most of the day doing yard work, gardening, patio sweeping and even window washing. There is a slight chance she'll recommend bumping this hike date to another day. Quite frankly, I wouldn't blame her if she did... she's earned it. Anyway, consider yourself warned... the date may change.

2) Honestly, now the second important point has completely slipped my mind. Ugh.

Faux 2) The Mount Baker Club has a hike scheduled for this SUNDAY to Bald Mountain (between Big Lake and Lake Cavanaugh in Skagit County) that would be a neat trip since I've been eyeing that lump for a few years now. I wouldn't mind voluntarilly bumping my Saturday date to Sunday, assuming that a) the Mt. Baker Club doesn't cancel their outing, b) the weather isn't totally suckish and c) assuming no one else speaks up to offer themselves as a hiking partner for Saturday.

Other tidbits:

I'm getting much more serious about finding a hitch/bike rack for the Subaru and a cheap Kayak (and roof attachment) too. I'm envisioning lots of opportunities for those accessories in the near future. Any leads on cheap sources for hitches and racks would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Trails!


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