Saturday, August 27, 2011

North Cascade Glacier Observations 2011

Peltoms just posted his 2011 glacier findings over on

We know there was a lot of snow (and a lot of lingering snow) over the 2010/2011 winter, and Peltoms confirmed the accumulation of snowpack... and confirmed it's the second largest accumulation over the 28 years that he's been surveying these glaciers.

The most accumulation was from the world famous winter of 1999, when Mt. Baker made the world record books for the most snowfall in one season.

While it's good news that the 10/11 year involved a lot of new snow, it was not even in the ballpark as to what 1999 brought.

Here's his video (below), and here is his trip report from with quite a few pictures and statistics to compare 2010/2011 with 1999.

Happy Trails!


PS: Reminder, next hike has been changed to Labor Day (Sept 5th). Details still TBD.

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