Friday, March 18, 2011

Itinerary for 03-19-2011

Currently planning to go exploring  with Redwic from  on a quest to locate and dominate Silo Mountain.

Silo Mountain is situated east of Cultus Mountain (behind it as viewed from College Way in Mt. Vernon looking eastward).  See map.

Access is via a DNR logging road heading south from the South Skagit "Highway" at Prarie Creek Road (just east of Day Creek Road).

Although it's a high mileage hike, route finding should be easy since it just follows the logging road, until it dead-ends a few hundered feet below the intended summit.  From there... well, we'll see.

We're meeting at the gated road at 8:00am and have dinner plans to connect with other nwhikers for dinner at 5:00 pm.  If we are late for dinner and no one has heard from us, then there's a good chance that something has gone unexpectedly wrong.

Previous posts mentioned doing a moonlight snowshoe after dinner.  Well, that depends on how many miles we put in during the day, how tired I am and how the weather shapes up.  Check back for an updated itinerary post from the road after dinner.

While you are waiting for the itinerary update or the trip report, fell free to browse my list of other Dumpster Dive hikes that I've done.

Happy Trails!!


We're bringing bikes, boots & snowshoes.

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