Friday, December 5, 2008

Itinerary for 12/06/08 Dayhike to Snow Lake

Meeting Steve in Lynnwood at the Park & Ride just north of I-405 at 7:30am and heading off toward Snoqualmie Pass with the expectation that we'll hike to Snow Lake.

Near as I can tell, there is less than a foot of snow up there, but we'll have snowshoes along, just in case we need them. By this time of year this trail is typically buried deep under snow and used as a snowshoe route, in the right conditions. Obviously we're a little light on the snow so far this year.

We should have plenty of time for the approx. 6 mile round trip trail before dark.

Steve has been on this trail before (although it was some time ago) but this is 'new to me'. Also, my eTrex GPS is officially a paperweight now, so it will be staying home, leaving us to a map and compass in the event we decide we're lost.

The backup plan is to tackle Granite Mountain... which is on my hit list after being denied the summit last month.

Pics and report to follow soon...

Happy Trails!


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