Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why am I blogging?

So, basically this blog came about for a few unexciting reasons.

I know a couple people who have blogs... my wife knows a couple people who have blogs... but we don't have a blog, nor do we know how to blog.

My wife suggested maybe we could have a blog.

Well, if these acquaintances can blog, surely we can figure it out as well.
Sure enough... here it is.

Now I've learned that setting up a blog is a bit of fun - experimenting with all the components of style and stuff like that.

The hard part - but you probably already knew this - is coming up with something interesting to say. Something that other people might be interested in reading.

This post... and the one before it... probably haven't been too interesting. Heck, I'm almost bored typing it. Almost.
If you are bored, go visit my two favorite blogs: and . I enjoy the randomness and the antics. Nice job Steve & Rob.

This particular blog site is initially intended to be hiking related, because that is what is on my mind when I'm not dealing with family, soccer or work. Once this blog is situated and rolling I'll probably start another one that will focus on my family and all the wild adventures that come with the territory.

I just learned that you should save creating the title for the post until after you are finished typing the blog message. This was originally going to be titled "More Introductions"

Just for kicks (and for my experimentation) here are a few evening pics from my neck of civilization.

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